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The Electrical Association of New Orleans was founded in 1921 to establish a close working relationship with electrical contractors in order to better promote electrical safety and the sale of adequate wiring and lighting.  NOPSI* provided the initial funding of $1,800 to establish the Association.

Throughout the next 96 years, the Association has grown and expanded; and today there are over 300 members representing architects, engineers, electrical contractors, wholesalers and distributors, manufacturers, and manufacturers agents, energy conservation reps, electrical inspectors and electric utility representatives

Electrical Association of New Orleans Logo

Electrical Association of New Orleans Logo

* NOPSI – (“New Orleans Public Service Incorporated” is a former electric and natural gas utility and mass transit provider that was based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The various streetcar lines of New Orleans were consolidated under NOPSI’s control in 1922. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, NOPSI converted all the streetcar lines in New Orleans, except for the St. Charles Avenue Line to bus service.

In 1983, control of the system’s mass transit was transferred to a public agency, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority. NOPSI later became Entergy New Orleans, a subsidiary of Entergy Corporation.)

Executive Director, Vickie Shields

President, Scott Aertker

Vice-President, Lamart Buggage

Secretary/Treasurer, Loni Spurlock

Executive Consultant, Dave Fernandez